What does it mean to be in “RESISTANCE”?

We so often hear the call to “RESIST” these days. Without getting into politics, I would love to explore what this concept of resistance means in energetic terms. You might be surprised.

Energy is in constant motion, matter vibrates to take shape, the tides go out and come in, as does our breath, our blood circulates throughout our bodies. Even in stillness, life still pulsates. Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, said, “In movement is life.” And it’s true if you think about it.

Did you know that each of your organs even has its own vibration and movement? Our cranial bones move with the flow of our craniosacral fluid through our dural tube inside our spinal column. When the movement in our bodies stops, we transition out of our physical bodies. This is one extreme.

Other, more subtle factors, can impede the free flow of energy. Energy blockages can occur in any of our energy fields: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and these constrictions of movement can affect our overall health.

Holding a mental pattern for any length of time, often causes identification with that idea. It becomes personal to us. We develop feelings around those thoughts. There is nothing intrinsically “wrong” with having beliefs or ideals or values. Clinging tenaciously to those beliefs, however, without a willingness to hear another perspective, can cause constriction in our energy flow around it. So what happens when the flow is constricted? When you crimp a hose, the water running through it stops or at least slows to a trickle. If you consider the mind-body connection, then, how does that “crimping” manifest in our bodies over time? You may see where I’m going with this.

But Sarah, you say… how can I fight injustice then? How can we “right” the wrongs and society’s ills?

Mother Theresa never attended an anti-war protest rally, though she spoke out vehemently about the need and desire for global peace. A peace rally rather than an anti-war rally that protested war felt more effective to her. And I see her point. When we’re moving with a flow, rather than against, we’re not creating resistance.

This could have many implications. Consider how you feel about certain aspects of yourself. Do you spend time thinking about how you could change something about yourself, your partner, your parent or child? Wanting circumstances in your life to change gives us clarity about what we do want. Rather than focusing on what we don’t want, though, once what we don’t want is identified, let’s move in the direction of what we DO want to have in our lives. Yes, more of that, please!!!

Likewise, if we see something we want to change in ourselves or if we find we’re focusing too much on what we don’t want, it may be time for a perspective shift.

This is why a gratitude practice can be such a simple but effective tool. We shift our focus from what we are unhappy about or feeling resistance to, and instead focus on what we’re loving (or at least appreciating) about what is in our lives.

So take a look at these “mantras” or affirmations and see if any fit for you.

I release into what is… I love and accept myself as I am… I love and accept my partner/friend/child/parent/sibling as they are… I trust everything is aligning for my evolution into my best self…

Start by practicing one or more on a daily basis. If you feel the desire for more support in this, contact me. We can fine tune an affirmation just for you and clear any blocks you’re experiencing in manifesting your best life. It’s powerful work and this time– as we move into the New Year– supports this transformational release and renewal.

Each passing year is an opportunity to release any resistance we may be feeling and move into our next chapter of this magnificent, surprising journey. Fill yourself with the Universal love and light through these darkest days of the year and listen to the call to be soft, especially with yourself, and with your loved ones at this time. Rest well and follow nature’s rhythms. Don’t withhold self-love and compassion. We all could use a little more. And it might help us understand others if we could have a little less resistance to “what is” in ourselves.

LET love lead, my friends.