Food is Sacred

Food is sacred. It is our fuel, like oxygen, sunlight and water.

Yet have you considered the quality of your food?

Our food today — even the fresh organic produce — has only a fraction of the nutritional value that food had 100 years ago. Between our soil having a lower mineral content, pesticides on farms, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) cross-pollinating with organic crops, and polluted water (just to name a few issues with crops), our food supply is really in trouble! Did you know that the U.S. still allows pesticides that have been BANNED in 27 other countries because they are proven carcinogens?

And don’t get me started on all of the processed foods, full of sugar and MSG and holding literally zero nutritional value, or life-giving energy.

And really don’t get me started on animal products, raised on growth hormones and antibiotics, which humans then consume and then wonder why we have raising obesity rates and chronic issues with our digestive systems.

Is it any wonder, really, why regularly consuming poison — literally — is creating a society who is dependent on pharmaceutical medications to exist because their bodies are failing them at a more and more rapid rate?

It’s true– the state of our planet, our healthcare (aka “sick-care”) system, our food sources are the worst they’ve ever been. Corporate greed, lack of compassion and stress are possibly the highest they have ever been. And yet… I’ve found hope.

It started with my introduction to an organic superfoods company offering high quality cellular nutrition, complete with living plant enzymes to enhance digestion and mineral absorption.

And then I found out they have a product scientifically PROVEN to remove glyphosate — the cancer-causing main ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup, present in GMOs and sprayed on non-organic crops (this does NOT wash off!) — from the human body.

And they have “terra” pouches for their shakes and protein powders that you can compost, so we’re not adding even more plastic to the landfills.

They even have a way to end human suffering (their mission, by the way) through financial means with their affiliate marketing program. This means that anyone can also sell these amazing products using a phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.

Incredible, right? #Truth

So I just wanted to remind you, friends, family, clients, fellow parents, fellow truth seekers and do gooders and healers of all kinds, fellow humans: there is good in this world. Truth and good and justice and helpers and kindness and compassion and nourishment and health and sacred food does indeed exist. I’ve seen it. It tastes better than I imagined. And I’m living and basking in it every day. Join me here, won’t you?

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