Breathe and Connect

We all have our own reactions to these current events. Some of us experience the collective emotions out there, and it all may be coming in waves for you, as more information is learned or as you speak to friends, family or colleagues or as you read more on social media. I just wanted to reassure you that this is normal, to experience the waves of various emotions in challenging times like these. And you don’t need to stop what you are feeling. Instead, you might breathe into the feeling and allow yourself to experience it. Sometimes allowing the feelings to come up is the only way to dissipate them. Once they have permission to flow freely, our nervous system can release the contracted feeling and we can relax more deeply. 

If you think about an animal, when they experience a fall or a fright, they usually shake off afterwards—all the way down their tail. This releases anything they were holding in their spinal column and allows them to move forward with full function and resilience. Similarly, if we are able to move through those stuck feelings — sometimes those feelings we don’t want to feel — we can release the energy holding them back or in place and move forward with greater vitality and resilience. 

Reach out. Connect with loved ones, even if from a distance. Breathe. We can use our breath to anchor us in the present moment and in our bodies, which are always in the present moment. Go inward and connect with Spirit, too, and recognize all beings are connected to each other and to the Earth. So saying we are all in this together is 100% accurate.

And finally, reach out for support. Right now, I’m offering my distance services for free.

Donations are greatly appreciated if you are able. No one will be turned away if I am able to help. Be well, Dear Ones.