I have noticed a disturbing trend lately that saddens and grieves me. I hear stories of people losing friends, disconnecting from family members because their views are different, their opinions are different. When did we decide that our beliefs are everything? When did we decide that only we have the right answer? That there even IS a “right” answer? That anything that isn’t like us is wrong?

Everyone is on their own path. They deserve to have their own successes on their own terms, make their own choices about how they live, about how and whom they love, about how they worship or don’t worship, about how they eat, about what they put in their body, about what they remove from their bodies, and about their irreversible health decisions.

So my friends, in consideration of our freedoms, “our inalienable rights,“ before you ask your neighbor, your friends, your cashier in the grocery store, whether or not they’ve gotten a COV1D shot, perhaps consider the following: HIPAA, the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, was created to protect our personal health information and for some reason we collectively think we do not have to respect that any more. This is not true.

We can’t know someone’s entire health picture, nor do we necessarily have a right to know. Asking the question about whether or not they’ve had a shot or procedure is not our business. This kind of questioning can automatically put a friend, a loved one, a companion, a class member, a stranger, etc. on the defensive, feeling like they may need to explain their entire health history or genetic picture to you. Consider that it might not be your business.

Not to mention that these jabs don’t have an FDA approval. They have been granted an EUA, Emergency Use Authorization. We still know very little about them. We have absolutely no long term data on them. You know how scared you are of COV1D? Maybe someone is that scared or reluctant to put something unknown into their bodies, and that is their journey.

So let’s have some respect for our fellow people, all of whom are just trying to do their best in this crazy life.