Emotional Clearing Techniques

Sarah works with clients to live their best lives. How does she do this? It varies for the individual, but from an emotional perspective, this could mean clearing emotional trauma or long-held emotions or beliefs using a variety of techniques.

With over 16 years of training, Sarah McDaniel Valencia adeptly facilitates and holds a safe space for emotions to flow, as they arise. She is a master at guiding clients through these experiences and releases through the emotional, mental and physical body.

Many times, awareness of a certain emotion or belief is enough to clear the held energetic pattern.

Some of Sarah’s methods include energetic balancing of the chakras, aromatherapy, Emotional Meridian Optimization (EMO), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Psychological Reversal, Emotion Code, Life Story, Next Chapter and Living Your Ideal Life.

As a Certified Wholistic Kinesiology practitioner, Sarah can also test each individual to come up with the best program for each person (from nutritional supplements to seeing another practitioner when called for).