Energetic and Functional Nutrition

Superior nutrition is necessary for so many of the body’s processes. Naturopathic medicine holds that the human immune system is based in the gut, and disruptions in digestive processes can create imbalances in the immune system, leading to lowered (like frequent colds, flus) or heightened (as in allergies, autoimmune) immune responses. Other systems affected by poor digestion are the cardiovascular system, hormones (endocrine system), the kidneys, the brain, the skin, as well as the way the body handles pain and inflammation. Virtually every system in the body is directly affected by our ability to digest, assimilate our food and eliminate our waste effectively. Everything is connected.

The Polarity Therapy model instructs clients in Energetic Nutrition, examining the constitution of an individual and encouraging one to eat fresh, local food for one’s constitution, in alignment with the 5 elements, adapted from Ayurvedic Medicine: Ether/Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. We also look at the emotional and mental connection to food and how that plays out in relationship to what and how we nourish ourselves.

At Living Energy Therapy, we also frequently examine Functional Nutrition with regard to a client’s case, including their genetics. An emerging area of medicine, DNA methylation and mitochondrial function as determined by one’s genetic makeup can greatly influence a body’s ability to assimilate certain nutrients and detox certain compounds, which then, in turn, can affect the digestive, immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems, as well as the body’s energy production, inflammation and elimination.

In addition to coaching clients with Energetic Nutrition and evaluating according to Functional Medicine and genetics, we also offer an entire line of superior organic, whole superfood nutritional products. Most people begin with a 40 Day Nutritional Cleanse. It takes 40 days for changes to become a habit and usually 30 days for the physical body to register a change. See here for more information on this cellular nutrition program that will upgrade your health to the next level.

Our 40 Day Nutritional Cleanse