Wholistic Kinesiology®️

Wholistic Kinesiology®️ uses a neurological testing system for evaluating an energy system’s (like the body) state of health and the unique needs of that system. We are working with the nervous system which is the body’s electrical system, with positive and negative current flows. The flow of current creates a measurable electromagnetic field around the body and can be short-circuited just like an electrical system in our homes. When we come into contact with something that throws our electromagnetic field out of balance for an extended period of time, we may experience harmful effects to our health and well-being. By utilizing this neurological testing system, we can determine what might throw our bodies out of balance, and conversely, what will help to restore that balance. Every body is different and this system allows the body to “speak” to the practitioner and ask for exactly what is needed.

Most evaluation will be done with the client laying down on the massage table and the practitioner uses an available arm. If you have an injury to an arm or shoulder, please advise your practitioner. Another body part may be used or a surrogate testing subject may be required. Caregivers can be surrogates for children or animals. Arrangements can also be made for testing to be completed at a distance for someone not able to be present at the office, as well. Please communicate any requests or needs for accommodation with your practitioner.

For your session…

Unless you are scheduled for a massage appointment, plan to be fully clothed during your healing session. Be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing for your comfort.

Like snowflakes and individuals, no two sessions are the same. Various forms of therapeutic or energetic touch may be used, a variety of points, like meridian and reflexology points may be located and on the body, and light pressure may be applied. Clients are frequently in a reclined position on a massage table during their session. Pillows and blankets may be provided to ensure your comfort during your session.

Some sessions are very interactive, while other clients fall asleep or enter a meditative state during the session. Because your needs are unique, practitioners respect and follow the process as directed by your body, using the specific information your body and energy provide. Verbal communication with your practitioner during a session is always highly recommended and encouraged.

Prior to a session, it is a good idea to eat light and avoid caffeine, alcohol and any other substances that may alter your awareness and perceptions. It is also recommended that you avoid any perfumes or colognes that could interfere with testing.

If you have a vitamin and supplement regimen, you are encouraged to bring those supplements to your appointment and your practitioner can use those to test a complete healing program for you. Other items, such as foods, may be energetically tested, as well. If you would like for something to be tested to see if it is healthy and beneficial for you, please advise your practitioner before your session. Please note: Your practitioner may not prescribe or recommend any pharmaceuticals, and you should consult with your physician before deciding to start or stop taking any prescription medication.

If you have any questions, please contact us or be sure to ask when making your appointment.